The StrategyStreet Process

We explain this concept in:

Board of Directors:
Question 1: Who are the customers who will allow us to earn our cost of capital?
Question 2: How will we increase our market share with these Core customers?

Basic Strategy Guide:
Step 1: Define the products, competitors and customers of the business
Step 2: Segment all the industry's customers by size
Step 3: Understand the size and purpose of multiple roles in customer relationships
Step 4: Place the total industry purchase volume on a Customer Size/Supplier Role matrix
Step 5: Estimate the average volume by position on the Siz/Role matrix

Advanced Site:
Diagnose Segments: Part 1: Value of a Customer Relationship

* Diagnose Segments: Size of Customer

* Diagnose Segments: Role in Customer Relationship

* Diagnose Segments: Growth and Profitability of Size/Role Segments